The Adventures of Ophelia and Yoga

What the say about shooting for the good feeling is right on. Three months ago I was not anywhere like being in shape. Then I started yoga…. now I can -see- I’m getting a strong little yoga body. So…. shit might be on a dramatic side-ways skid, but I’m going to look -fabulous- while it happens.

Contract over? Get the ‘hair did’! Need to move? Get some yoga happy going on! Now, the reality is that I still need to pack and I don’t know where I’m packing to go -to-, but fuck it, I currently feel lovely.

Also, as a silver-lining ‘aside’…. YSL makes the most epic lip balm/stain/colour thing if like me, you’ve got plump lips. I realise this information is not useful to my current situation, but in the circle of ‘big lip problems’ and shooting for the good feeling, that fits right in there.

So, as this blog was meant to be a sharing of the adventure (ha! Optimistic) – today’s lesson is “Get a haircut, do some yoga and enjoy your lovely lip balm.” It fixes -nothing- but you’ll feel better. Get out there and ‘flip the dog’ y’all.


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