Great Expectations… of Ophelia’s Hair

Well you know what they say… when the mood is shit, fix the hair. Or something like that. It’s no secret that my world is skidding sideways (for those of you keeping up), so I thought maybe a spruce up was in order. I justified it by saying “I need to look interview ready” and I decided that my waist length, heavy tresses, were not the way forward.

So now I have a trendy longer in the front just below shoulder length in the back affair going on. And my natural waves are…. naturally waving. I’m not sure if I like it, but I don’t hate it. And it’ll grow back if I take against it, so it’s not really much of a risk. The one thing I did learn is that a hair cut didn’t -fix- the issue. Oh, and I also learned that folks have a funny view of what unemployed is. It was suggested that I go to Italy for a month…. eh wot?

I mean, seriously. Is this some sort of social construct? It’s easier to suggest Italy than talk in truths and facts? “How are you?” “Well, I need a job and a new home… you?” “Oh, time off! You should go to Italy for a few weeks!”. I confess… I went quiet after that. Either that woman has a money tree or when folks ask you how you are, they don’t really want to know.

So… pardon me while I try not to stress you out by being honest. But hey, I’ve got awesome hair now. Bring on the interviews!


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